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Spay & Neuter


Is your animal spayed or neutered? There are many health, behavioral, and population benefits for having your furry friend spayed or neutered. In addition to curbing the pet overpopulation problem, your dog or cat will also experience a more agreeable attitude and behavior. Without certain hormones, your dog or cat will become less aggressive and ill-tempered. Another benefit is that your dog or cat will not have an urge to find a mate, which reduces the risk of running away or fighting. 

Our clinic is sterile, professional, and is fully stocked with all of the medicine and equipment required to complete this procedure. We have years of experience with these routine procedures, so you can be sure everything will be carried out with high-standards.
Our veterinarian will make sure you have all the information you need to prepare your dog or cat for the procedure. Try to avoid giving your animal food after midnight the night before the surgery, but a puppy requires all the nutrition he or she can get. Our vet may advise that food should not be withheld for puppies.

After the procedure, our veterinarian will provide post-operation instructions so that your pet can recover quickly. One of the most important things is to keep your dog or cat comfortable while he or she heals. Give him or her a quiet, cozy place to relax and recuperate and be sure to shower him or her with love. Be sure to discourage your dog from licking any areas that were worked on, including the incision site, to avoid infection. Check the area for infection and try to avoid bathing your pet for at least ten days after surgery. Consult with our team to see if your animal should be spayed or neutered.
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