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Pet Boarding


What do you do when you can’t take your pet on vacation with you? Sometimes dogs are too large or restless to handle a long plane ride. Trips in the car may also become a challenge for cats or dogs that aren’t used to being cooped up for long periods of time. 

Leaving your cat or dog home alone is also not an option because you don’t want to come home to any accidents on the floor or scratched up upholstery. When you need to go away for a few days, our pet boarding services are the perfect way to make comfortable arrangements for your pet. 

With Critter Care Veterinary Clinic Inc of Laredo, TX, pets always come first. All dogs and cats are treated as if they were our own. Our caring and attentive pet boarding staff will give your pet the royal treatment while they stay in our facility. Your animal will be happy and entertained and you'll have peace of mind that they're in great care.
Pet Boarding Laredo, TX


Both pet owners and animals can experience anxiety when they're separated. Finding a pet boarding kennel that will go above and beyond to make your pet relaxed and comfortable is the best way to reduce this stress. Critter Care has been serving pets and pet owners throughout Laredo, TX since 2004. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure your pet is well cared for throughout the duration of their stay. You may have other choices when it comes to pet boarding. Choose the kennel that puts your pet first.

Leaving your pet with someone you don’t know can be a tricky situation. Some people may not know the proper food amount for your dog or cat. It can also be challenging to give your animal the proper attention and care he or she needs. Our pet boarding kennel, however, is more than capable of handling all of your pet’s needs and wants. We’ll make sure each dog gets along, and we will make sure to follow the dietary needs your animal may have. Our team truly loves animals, so we’ll make sure everything is perfect while they’re here with us. Call today at 956-825-3328 to make boarding arrangements for your animal!
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